Club History                                                 

 The Leo club of Carey College, District 306 C2, Sri Lanka has been Serving the Community and Grooming Leaders Since 1998. Sponsored by the Lions Club of Nugegoda Central, the Leo Club  is the One of the prestigius Leo Club in Sri Lanka with more than 9 years of continuous service. Activities and projects carried out by the Leo Club of Carey College include Childcare Projects, Elders, Projects, Educational and Leadership Development Projects, Sports Projects, PR Projects and so much more.


 Today, it will be the opening of a new chapter with an experienced Leo taking over the reigns. We sure hope with the immense knowledge and the wealth of experience of Leo Inzar Iqbal, the club would go to greater heights and with his team of Leos. The Leo Club of Carey College will be the cynosure of all eyes in this 10th Leoistic year of 2009/ 10.








Leo Club Of Carey College

24,Kynsey Road,